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In masonry, a supporting bed.
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An 86-year-old man named Mickey Kavanagh told me many years ago how he had been collared by Hickey at the age of eight, after setting fire to a palliasse in Richmond Row.
We were housed in bunk beds in cold Nissen huts, 'heated' by two coke stoves, with five blankets, no sheets, on straw palliasses.
Then -- and it's here that the dresser comes into its own -- at bedtime all you have to do is put down a few straw palliasses on the floor, behind the dresser, for the girls and grandmother to sleep on -- private like.
There was an iron army issue bedstead, and three 'biscuits', some regulation palliasses, stuffed with straw, and the usual bedding, though, for someone accustomed to the heat of Aden, the blankets were a surprise, a welcome one, as it turned out.