palm oil

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palm oil:

see palmpalm,
common name for members of the Palmae, a large family of chiefly tropical trees, shrubs, and vines. Most species are treelike, characterized by a crown of compound leaves, called fronds, terminating a tall, woody, unbranched stem.
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Palm Oil


an oil obtained from the flesh of the fruit of the African oil palm. Palm oil, which is reddish orange in color, is rich in carotenoids and palmitic acid. It solidifies at temperatures below 30°C. The oil is used by local inhabitants as food and as a lubricating substance. It is imported by a number of countries as a raw material for the manufacture of margarine, soap, and candles. The seeds of the oil palm yield one of the best food oils, palm-kernel oil, which smells and tastes nutty. Palm-kernel oil is used in the production of margarine.

palm oil

[′päm ‚ȯil]

palm oil

a yellow butter-like oil obtained from the fruit of the oil palm, used as an edible fat and in soap
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Different versions, or refinements, of palm oil are needed for the production of, for example, biscuits, compared with chocolate.
On the one hand, said a March report for the European Commission by the International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI), "concerning biodiesel, even if peat land emissions are considered, palm oil is the most efficient feedstock .
According to Greenpeace, Nestle is a major consumer of palm oil.
However, WWF also acknowledges that even the top-scoring companies in the scorecard need to continue to raise their game if they are to use certified palm oil for 100 per cent of their palm oil supply, which is the stated objective of many of these companies.
Since prices have gone down and we are making less profit anyway, it doesn't make sense to re-export the oil from Dubai to India for example if it will cost us 30 percent more in freight," said a palm oil trader based in Malaysia.
The analysis of the experimental data obtained to characterize the fuel propertied of Palm oil and Palm oil-diesel blends.
Despite progress, many green leaders are skeptical that RSPO has the teeth to make a positive impact on the fast-growing palm oil industry.
The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) has vigorously fended off the allegations, pointing out that 60 per cent of Malaysia's land mass is forested, while agriculture occupies 19 per cent.
6 million tons of crude palm oil (CPO) per year for biodiesel--about 40 percent of each country's current CPO production.
Almost 90 percent of all palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, which have seen widespread deforestation in recent years, much of it from illegal land-clearing and logging.
The world's major palm oil producers last week announced that they have created a new certification process to ensure ongoing sustainable production and the protection of the world's remaining tropical rainforests.
The Palm Oil Miracle: Discover the Healing Power of Palm Oil is a fascinating guide to the healthful and nutritional properties of palm oil, especially virgin (red) palm oil.