Palm Tree

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What does it mean when you dream about a palm tree?

The palm tree has come to be known as the Christian religious symbol for Christ’s victory over death, celebrated as Palm Sunday at the Easter holiday season. It can signify a victory over adversities and a blessing to the dreamer. It can also represent an oasis or a vacation.

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"Communities in Dubai should take preventive measures to protect palm trees from infestation.
COOL TREE, HOT STUFF: Mick Madden with his new palm tree in the garden of his Brockholes home.
''Where the palm tree is, that's where Cambodia is,'' Chan Sarun said, noting that it more or less dot the landscape in all the country's provinces and cities, some of them reaching 30 meters in height and aged not less than 100 years.
Webster's says the name palm tree actually derives from the way the leaves resemble the shape of an outstretched hand (palame in Greek).And there you find their deepest meaning.
We also got a bamboo mat to use as a throw rug, a hanging cardboard palm tree (8 feet tall!), pink paper lanterns to hang from inside the closet over the nightstand, and green fishnet to put inside the back wall of the closet to give it some depth.
He is one of the people living in Palm Tree Avenue and Fern Close, Aldermans Green, who haven't seen their postman for almost three weeks.
A megalithic stone set horizontally almost at the base of the building signals the entrance; and before it, is a deserted plain of a car park without adornment except for embedded sparks of light and a metal palm tree.
Kosta Boda of Sweden offers a whimsical new colored crystal goblet called Palm Tree--a dark base in plum or green and a colored stem painted to resemble a palm tree ($65).
FOR UNTOLD CENTURIES, the Sabal palm tree has thrived along what is now Florida's Gulf and Atlantic coasts.
THIRTY amateur and professional photographers have submitted their entries to a special competition being held as part of a festival celebrating the importance of the palm tree.
The project aims at replacing low quality palm trees with high productivity and quality plants, and re-organisation of palm tree planting in villages and agricultural oases.