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Ceulan Stud were second with Ceulan Cappuccino, who got his palomino colour from his great-grandfather Twyford Sprig, who was also the grand-father of Honey Supreme.
Another palomino, in fifth place, was Ceulan Cadwyn, purchased by Jimmy Thomas of Neath on the Fayre Oaks Sale and another grand-son of Twyford Sprig.
Ken Maynard, a top trick roper who became a leading Western star, brought a palomino named Tarzan to the screen in the 1920s.
The Palominos' own journey to blastof silence, their new album, illustrates how rock and roll, the recombinant mechanism par excellence, renews itself regularly by feeding on its own tangled history.
Her 10-year-old palomino Cob stallion Janton Philandere headed for Somerset after topping at pounds 7,800.
Midges are hatching almost constantly and small f-flies and palominos are tempting them on the top.
The Palominos will be bringing their own brand of retro-inspired rock to the party, and if their recent gigs have been anything to go by, tonight should be something special.
Their El Dorado is to be found not in the mineral but in horses: palominos, to be precise, whose glorious golden colour was once likened to "a newly minted golden sovereign".
The Palomino, as we know it today, is the offspring of the Spanish Arabian horse.