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(păl'pĭtā`shən), abnormal heartbeat that is often associated with a sensation of fluttering or thumping. The normal heartbeat is not noticeable to the individual. Palpitation may be a symptom of organic heart disease or of other body disorders such as an overactive thyroid gland or anemia. In healthy persons palpitation can be brought on by undue exertion, shock, excitement, or stimulants.



a heart action that produces a disagreeable awareness in those suffering from various diseases, including diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems, as well as in healthy individuals under considerable physical and emotional strain. Palpitation is primarily associated with an increase in the number of heart contractions per minute, for example, with overstrain or paroxysmal tachycardia. It is also associated with rhythmic disorders of contractility, including extrasystole and atrial fibrillation. Therapeutic measures and preventive treatment are determined by the causes of palpitation.

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All patients aged between 5 and 18 years presenting to the department with history of intermittent sustained palpitation (>1 minute) having normal cardiovascular examination, sinus rhythm on 12-lead ECG and no structural or acquired heart disease on echocardiography were enrolled in the study.
To the Editor: Although the triad of palpitations, headaches, and sweating is generally recognized as the classic presentation for pheochromocytoma, we reported the case of a patient with pheochromocytoma who first presented with ventricular tachycardia (VT).
Comfortable at rest, but less than ordinary activity causes fatigue, palpitation, or dyspnea.
Hot flushes were reported in 66 (65%), night sweats in 56 (54%), and palpitation in 70 (68%) women.
It may not be monitored due to various circumstances such as the doctor would not have been able to record the palpitation when it had occurred.
In other cases, a palpitation may be more serious and represent an abnormal heart rhythm, especially if you have heart disease or risk factors for it.
The doctor cited the case of a 50-year-old worker who was sent to a government hospital's emergency section after experiencing palpitation and dizziness while on work.
TWICE US Tour winner JP Hayes was taken to hospital suffering from heart palpitations after withdrawing from the PODS Championship on Sunday.
A heart palpitation is a skipped heartbeat that feels like your heart is fluttering.
0% of the variance in palpitation severity at follow-up.
Or is it a harmless palpitation that may be related to that extra glass of wine you had with dinner (see story above) or the anxiety you feel about the plane ride you're taking soon?