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Any tree of the genus Pandanus, which contains more than 500 species. It is a characteristic component of the vegetation in the tropics of the Old World, especially on the Pacific islands and along continental coasts. Also known as screw pine.



(screw pines), a genus of monocotyledonous plants of the family Pandanaceae. The plants are treelike and have branched trunks that reach heights of 10–15 m (occasionally 25 m). Adventitious roots grow from the lower part of the trunk and from the branches. Sometimes the lower part of the trunk dies, and the plant is supported by its stilt-like roots. The stiff, linear leaves are 3–4 m long and 10–15 cm wide; they are arranged in two to four spiral rows. The plants are dioecious, and their unisexual flowers are gathered into spadices or, less commonly, panicles. Perianths are absent. The fruits are berries or drupes, which often are somewhat woody and gathered into an aggregate.

There are about 600 species of screw pines, distributed mainly in the tropics of the eastern hemisphere. They grow on seacoasts, along rivers, and in tropical rain forests. Some species, including P. tectorius, P. utilis, and P. fragrans, are cultivated in the tropics for their edible fruits and fibrous leaves. The leaves are used to weave various articles and are processed into industrial fabrics, brushes, and ropes. A number of species, such as P. utilis, are cultivated as ornamentals in greenhouses and homes.


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When painting the barkcloth with the red substance, the pot is kept on the fire as to make sure the pigment is warm when applied on the cloth, which is done with the dried fruit of the pandanus (imongiti).
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Back at Kampung Baru, the stalls -- over 200 of them with impeccable hygiene standards, which our Jama Masjid street vendors must learn from -- were also selling murtabak ( pan- fried folded bread stuffed with minced mutton and egg); pulut or glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk in bamboo shoots and served with chicken or mutton curry, or stuffed with shrimps and grilled in banana leaves; cempedak or jackfruit fritters; karang bakar ( grilled blood cockles); and cendol, the ubiquitous cooling drink with coconut milk, jaggery and flavoured rice noodles coloured with pandanus leaf extract.
It hopped onto the pandanus plant, grabbed the spiked edge of one of the long straplike leaves and began a series of ripping motions.
Villages are hidden behind lines of sheltering coconut trees, pandanus, and stuff I'll never learn the name of but has leaves the size of dinner plates.
It is impossible to tell how old she is, her hands are long and strong with large curved nails hardened by stripping pandanus.
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