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Two panes of glass separated by a cavity - which is filled with air, or, in fancier frames, with inert gases like argon or xenon - and closed up with industrial sealants.
We looked at the pros, cons and materials that underpin the use of double glazing - and why when it comes to window panes, it might be a case of the more the merrier...
"One of the panes of glass has broken from the inside, we're not sure how."
Multi-Pane Glass Windows: Using double or triple pane glass windows can help you save energy.
The state government had recently set up a three-man committee to look into the complaints and the entire contract agreement between Pane Integrated Limited and Egor Local Government Area.
A large pane of glass came loose from a ceiling inside the Walton Asda just before 7pm last night.
The baby was in a car seat when the pane hit the floor, and luckily the seat's hood protected him from serious injury.
"There's a promising underlying element here that's yet to be proven with rigorous research," Pane says.
Yesterday, the hospital denied the window pane had fallen 100ft to the ground and insisted it had simply cracked.
The left pane, Expression Elements, shows general objects in your database, such as the queries or tables, as well as functions, constants, operators, and common expressions.
Pane currently holds the position of executive vice president of Coty's category development and is a member of the Coty executive committee.
Pane is a member of Coty's executive committee and holds the position of executive vice president of category development.