panel construction

panel construction, panellized construction

A method of building construction which uses panels as major elements or components.
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The company said this acquisition accelerates the involvement in the off-site manufacturing and closed panel construction market.
Customers who saw the panel construction process asked to sign up for future solar construction trainings.
IconX LLC reports that its namesake shear connector, used in composite insulated sandwich wall panel construction, has successfully completed cyclic load testing for seismic zones, meeting ICC AC320 Acceptance Criteria for Fiber-reinforced Composite Connectors Anchored in Concrete.
Used in rigid panel construction, Banova Ply may be laminated with various facings, and can be processed with standard woodworking tools and joining techniques.
The panel construction is similar to corrugated plastic board, with water channels running the full length of each unit and guiding the flow into end pipes.
The site was designed with a focus on energy efficiency and will feature insulated tilt panel construction, natural gas water heaters and generators, LED interior and site lighting, and a 1.
Gavin Roberts, senior project manager, explained the complexities of the bridge's solar panel construction.
A total of 200 residential panel construction buildings will be rehabilitated in all of Bulgaria in 2013 under the program, with a total of 140 applications having been submitted so far.
With features similar to Allwood, the Premier Series has a composite panel construction and is available H a wood grain or laminate exterior.
Polypropylene panel construction reduces carbon footprint by eliminating the need to frequently replace cardboard dump bins.