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in geography, a strip of land projecting from the main body of an area and shaped like the handle of a pan, such as the panhandles of West Virginia, Texas, and Alaska.
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Mike Garland, President and CEO of Pattern Energy, said, Panhandle 2 was completed on schedule and on budget, growing our operating fleet to 10 wind facilities with an 11th project on track to be completed this quarter.
In the dedicated area of the Panhandle, Monarch will construct all gathering lines to existing and future wells from a major third-party operator, gather the gas from all the wells and deliver the associated volumes to Eagle Rock at central delivery points for further gathering and processing.
In conjunction, Panhandle has retained a 3/16th non-cost bearing royalty interest in all production from wells drilled on these leased rights.
Allen Henry, David Henry and Carole Henry in 1986, Panhandle Builders has been a driving force in the commercial and industrial construction industry in the Eastern Panhandle.
Meanwhile, areas with lesser winds - notably near Sweetwater, just below the Panhandle - have sprouted forests of turbines, some twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty.
The company president and chief executive officer, Michael C Coffman, said, 'I am particularly pleased to announce our banks' continuing support of Panhandle and believe the increased borrowing base is a positive reflection of Panhandle's accomplishments and our ability to deliver positive results.
The initiative to bring Palm-based instructional technology to schools in the Texas Panhandle was spearheaded by the Amarillo-based Region 16 Education Service Center, which provides training and other centralized services to regional school districts.
The people that are homeless that panhandle make up a very small percentage of Glendale's homeless,'' Fletcher said.
Cubic Corporation today announced the successful completion of the Regional Resiliency Assessment Program (RRAP) in the Texas Panhandle a major region for cattle feedlots, hog production and the dairy industry.
Southern Union Company announced that its Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company subsidiary has signed a straddle agreement with Next Generation Processing, LLC (NGP).
Coal company Penn Virginia Resource Partners LP (NYSE:PVR) revealed on Wednesday the completion of the acquisition of Antelope Hills assets in the Texas panhandle area for a purchase price of USD11.