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in geography, a strip of land projecting from the main body of an area and shaped like the handle of a pan, such as the panhandles of West Virginia, Texas, and Alaska.
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Although it is too early to determine if the Palm computing program in the Texas Panhandle has contributed to higher scores on standardized tests, Voran says that feedback from teachers and principals has been favorable.
Curt Hecker, CEO of Panhandle State Bank and Intermountain Community Bancorp, is pleased to welcome the additions to the organization.
Further, Panhandle will not have to risk any capital investment in the drilling of these wells freeing up capital for other investment opportunities which present more compelling economics and this agreement should accelerate and expand drilling and future development on our mineral position in the area.
Over the past four months, hundreds of grass fires in the Texas Panhandle have been blamed on careless cigarette disposal, fireworks, trash burning, and, even, arson.
Coffman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panhandle Oil & Gas stated: "We are honored to be eligible to join the many leading companies on the NYSE.
It is important that we remember the contributions of the Harold Marley and Ralph Bloom families, owners of the IGA and 'the Marley Block,' to the Sandpoint community while acknowledging the economic, social and financial contributions of Panhandle State Bank and its parent company, Intermountain Community Bancorp, as well.
Coffman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panhandle Oil & Gas said: "Inclusion in the Russell 3000(R) Index is a major financial milestone and recognition of the effort put forth by the board of directors, management and employees of Panhandle.
Adding ambient air vaporization and natural gas liquids extraction capabilities will allow Trunkline LNG to maintain its position as one of the most modern and competitively-priced providers of vaporization capacity in the United States and the world," said Rob Bond, president and chief operating officer of Panhandle Energy.
These stock repurchases are enabled by Panhandle's strong cash flow and are an important way of returning value to Panhandle shareholders," said Michael C.