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in geography, a strip of land projecting from the main body of an area and shaped like the handle of a pan, such as the panhandles of West Virginia, Texas, and Alaska.
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Employing Broken Windows, they took on the aggressive panhandlers and 'squeegee men' who swarmed on motorists at stoplights and menacingly demanded payment for washing car windshields.
I feel uncomfortable when I pass panhandlers. Agree 65% Disagree 35% 5.
Disclosure has the unintended effect of triggering the Panhandler Effect at the same time it allows the prospect to "justify" conflicts-of-interest.
Coming to a movie theater in your area soon, watch for, "The Panhandler", starring Vin Lananna.
"Broadway Panhandler has been a visible anchor and pioneer in the housewares industry," Todd Meyers, vice president of sales at Wusthof, told HFN.
I don't think I've ever seen a Hispanic panhandler, and the reason is, in our community it would be shameful to be begging on the street," Cruz said.
WORCESTER -- A Worcester man police termed a "habitual aggressive panhandler'' was critically injured when he was hit by a vehicle in the middle of Chandler Street late Wednesday night, officials said.
She adds, "Making Franco laugh or break was a joy, and it happened once when Xosha Roquemore's character, Tamra, told me 'to go away little boy' because she thought I was a neighborhood kid panhandler because of my short hair."
Is being perceived as a panhandler better than a nonperson "he?" It's certainly more profitable.
Williams' journey has seen him go from local panhandler to national media sensation, with him being interviewed on programs such as The Today Show, The Early Show, and Entertainment Tonight.
I've given a few pennies to one panhandler who has told me that he's optimistic about the claim he has filed with the Social Security office.
Claire Weisz of WXY Architecture + Urban Design was the keynote speaker and awards for outstanding service to the Central Village neighborhood were also given to Broadway Panhandler, which received the 2012 Norman Buchbinder Award.

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