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in geography, a strip of land projecting from the main body of an area and shaped like the handle of a pan, such as the panhandles of West Virginia, Texas, and Alaska.
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A portion of the gas, though, will be processed at GPM's Rock Creek or SherHan plants in the Panhandle of Texas," he said.
The purchase will add approximately 4,000 miles of gathering pipelines and 34 compressor stations to GPM's gathering systems in the Panhandle.
The transaction will increase GPM's Panhandle region raw gas production from 450 to about 800 million cubic feet per day and natural gas liquids production from 40,500 to as much as 47,800 barrels per day.
Meanwhile, areas with lesser winds - notably near Sweetwater, just below the Panhandle - have sprouted forests of turbines, some twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty.