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in geography, a strip of land projecting from the main body of an area and shaped like the handle of a pan, such as the panhandles of West Virginia, Texas, and Alaska.
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McCafferty also declared the law that outlaws panhandling unconstitutional.
The behavior commonly known as panhandling entails asking to be given money by strangers with no expectation of anything exchanged in return for it.
Rushton said last night panhandling seems to have gotten worse on local streets since the city launched an outreach program in July to try to connect panhandlers with services so they don't have to beg for money or food.
And after an initial outcry when the panhandling ordinance passed, not much has changed for the hundreds of people living on Glendale's streets, said Tracy Fletcher, director of community services for the Salvation Army.
Our stakeholders have shared with us concerns about panhandling and its negative effect on the quality of life in the Downtown neighborhood," said Michael M.
Such an ordinance would reduce, though probably not eliminate, panhandling.
O'Brien wrote to the City Council in an update on the city's panhandling initiative.
Reducing panhandling "will require a multifaceted, communitywide response that incorporates direct service providers, nonprofit agencies, area businesses, policymakers and public services in order to address any underlying community problems which may be related to panhandling," City Manager Michael V.
In a rare signing ceremony in his City Hall office, Riordan said the law - which takes effect in 30 days - will not ban panhandling, but is designed after similar laws in other cities to prevent the harassment of people.
Buddy Zanchi, a panhandler from West Boylston said: "I hope they don't limit panhandling.
This pollutes the emotional and political behavior because aggressive panhandling is already illegal.
Amid criticism that the city is declaring war on the poor and homeless, a divided Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to a law criminalizing aggressive panhandling.