Panic hardware

panic hardware

[′pan·ik ‚härd‚wer]

Panic hardware

Door hardware that can be released quickly by pushing a horizontal bar; required for certain exit doors by building codes.

panic exit device, fire-exit bolt, panic bolt, panic hardware

panic exit device
A door locking device used on exit doors; the door latch releases when a bar, across the inside of the door, is pushed.
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In addition, the company provides Trilogy and Unican push button entry systems, door closures, padlocks, Medco products, panic hardware, custom cut keys, furniture and filing cabinet locks, and 24-hour lockout services.
All fire doors for your building should be closed and equipped with appropriate panic hardware.
Listed panic hardware or exit hardware that, when opened, unlocks the doors.
The Strikelti Panic Device Power Controller from Altronix Corporation of Brooklyn, New York, is designed to independently or simultaneously power and control two panic hardware devices with very high inrush requirements.
Mr Bartlett will be in charge of all of Union's range, including door closers, panic hardware, mortice locks, cylinder systems, lever furniture and padlocks.
Arm-A-Dor(R) Secure Panic Hardware features an easy-exit panic/push bar for life-threatening situations.
Remove and install new panic hardware at egress doors.
Founded in 1989, LockeyUSA is a North American manufacturer of high-quality door and gate hardware, including keyless locks, hydraulic gate closers and panic hardware.
Designed to handle the high current surge that panic hardware locking devices require, the StrikeItl offers a comprehensive power solution for single or multiple hardware devices.