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The patient elected to proceed with immediate radical cystectomy, ileal conduit urinary diversion, and concomitant panniculectomy, as his renal function precluded the use of cisplatin-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy.
A total of 3.9 kg of abdominal wall tissue was resected as the panniculectomy specimen (Figure 2).
The superior and inferior panniculectomy margins were approximated with towel clamps.
Body contouring Abdominoplasty Bodyimage Panniculectomy Torsoplasty Psychological function Thoracoplasty AND Brachioplasty/arm lift Thigh lift Quality oflife Reduction mammaplasty/breast QoL reduction Facelift Psychosocial function Body contouring Abdominoplasty Massive weight loss/MWL Panniculectomy Postbariatric Torsoplasty Thoracoplasty AND Brachioplasty/arm lift Thigh lift Weight reduction Reduction mammaplasty/breast reduction Facelift Table 2: Summary of characteristics of studies cited for this review.
"We found that women who underwent panniculectomy at the time of cesarean section were less likely to have significant wound complications than controls that did not undergo panniculectomy," Dr.
He and his coinvestigators conducted a chart review during 2004 that included 30 morbidly obese patients who underwent incidental panniculectomy during cesarean section and a control group of 29 morbidly obese women who underwent a cesarean section without a panniculectomy.
"The decision to perform a panniculectomy was made originally by me before starting surgery, at which time I would obtain informed consent," Dr.
Panniculectomy at the time of gynecologic surgery in morbidly obese patients.
Panniculectomy: Old technique with a new surgical purpose
One study reported panniculectomy specimens ranging in weight from 4 to 54 kg (Acarturk et al., 2004).
Panniculectomy as an adjuvant to bariatric surgery.
The requisite procedure is called a panniculectomy or, more colloquially, a "tummy tuck." In this particular patient's case, the procedure would have mixed modes.