panoramic camera

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Panoramic Camera


a wide-angle camera used to obtain photographs with a field of view of from 100° to 360° in the horizontal plane and from 30° to 35° in the vertical plane.

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panoramic camera

panoramic camera
A camera that takes photographs from horizon to horizon. This type of camera is extensively used in low-level high-speed photography. Some designs utilize a lens that revolves about an axis perpendicular to the optical axis; in other designs, the camera itself is swung from side to side to obtain a panoramic field of view. The film moves like a conveyor belt at a speed synchronized with the speed of the moving image, so as to ensure congruency between the image and the film. The two main types of panoramic cameras are the direct-scanning rotary lens and the rotary prism. The camera may be mounted vertically or obliquely within the aircraft to scan across or along the line of flight.
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Until recently, capturing 360[degrees] video was difficult, complex, and often convoluted, and panoramic camera systems combined a morass of different technologies based on work-arounds and compromises.
The award, sponsored by Miller Camera Support Equipment, recognises Nichola's development of the 360x60 high dynamic range (HDR) panoramic camera system, which uses existing industrial imaging cameras incorporated into a zero parallax rig that is able to capture the same dynamic range of light and dark as the human eye.
Rider-Rider also used a Kodak panoramic camera but was criticised because other specialists believed it was not fast enough.
6IS THE probe's task includes studying the gas planet's composition, gravity, magnetic field and the source of its raging 384 mph winds, while a panoramic camera, nicknamed JunoCam, will also return images of the planet in detail never seen before.
Juno's array will study the gas planet's composition, gravity, magnetic field and the source of its raging 384mph winds, while a panoramic camera will also return images of the planet in detail never seen before.
Google used the Street View trolley, a push-cart outfitted with equipment to collect indoor imagery: a panoramic camera to collect 360-degree views, lasers to capture distances to walls, motion sensors to track the trolley's position and a laptop to operate the system.
(TSX: AVP) said it has received notice of award from The Boeing company for the production and supply of 767-2C panoramic camera fairings, as part of the KC-46 tanker program.
Ltd is composed of a panoramic camera and lighting.
They launched their first product, the iSTAR, a fully automatic instant 360[degrees] panoramic camera, in the spring of 2012.
Donovan, who has lived in the UAE for seven years, used a special panoramic camera controlled by an i-Phone app to click at a height of 830 metres.
The exhibition presented approximately 160 photos that extended from Koudelka's early work in late-'50s Prague to "Exile," a series initiated in the '60s and continued after the artist fled Czechoslovakia in 1970 (the phrase "nationality doubtful" was recorded in Koudelka's travel papers during this stateless decade), and, finally, to his ongoing series of images made with a panoramic camera beginning in the late 1980s.