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Pandean pipes

(păndē`ən), or


(sĭr`ĭngks), musical wind instrument, consisting of graduated tubes closed at one end and fastened together. The player holds the instrument vertically and blows into the open end of the tube; each tube has its own pitch. Of Chinese origin, the instrument was known to the Greeks (who connected its origin with the legend of the god PanPan
, in Greek religion and mythology, pastoral god of fertility. He was worshiped principally in Arcadia, and one legend states that he was the son of Hermes, another Arcadian god. Pan was supposed to make flocks fertile; when he did not, his image was flogged to stimulate him.
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 and the nymph Syrinx who was changed into reeds). It survives in some parts of Europe, South East Asia, and South America.
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Because there are varieties of instruments being discussed in this book, such as recorders, transverse flutes, panpipes, and tabor pipes, it is sometimes hard to stay focused on which one is currently being discussed.
The musical instruments (xylophone, panpipes, end-blown flute, fiddle, rattles and drums), the style in which they were played, and the vocal quality, were all firmly within a traditional style characteristic of Buganda/Busoga, with subtle qualities iconic of Busoga in particular (see Kubik 1992).
Aerophones are instruments in which the sound is produced by air being blown through it, like flutes, whistles, panpipes and bagpipes.
For this year's course, which will take place on 11th - 25th July 2010, the organisers have invited 19 teachers, 13 from abroad and 6 from our country: recorder - Alan Davis (UK), Carin van Heerden (Austria), Kerstin de Witt (Germany), Jostein Gundersen (Norway), Jan Rokyta (Netherlands), early singing - Rebecca Stewart (Netherlands), Mami Irisawa (Japan), lute - Ariel Abramovich (Italy), panpipes - Liselotte Rokyta (Netherlands), recorder, baroque flute - Ashley Solomon (UK).
SOUTH American musician and retired Coventry teacher Alvaro Grana has been showing youngsters how to play the panpipes ahead of a fundraising concert tomorrow.
and those chaps with ponchos and panpipes at the shopping centre.
There are no panpipes or anything like that with the massage," he grins.
Featuring an over-sized piano, interactive musical wall and giant panpipes, this unique set-up will give children all the encouragement they need to push their boundaries and explore their creative talents.
He played the flute, panpipes and various other instruments, interspersed with jokes and stories.
9) In Chapter XXVI of Book II of Comentarios Reales, Garcilaso also describes other types and contexts for music in Inca culture, including panpipes which were played for the King and ritual war music which was sung at ceremonies.
Not far from the building, Ghezzi found scattered remains of offerings including ceramic panpipes and oyster shells.
WRITER JM Barrie's Peter Pan could do many things, including flying, sword-fighting and playing the panpipes.