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Despite its newsworthiness and hale vinyl sales, however; Pansy Division was dubbed "too gay," and couldn't attract major-label interest.
Maryene Alden, a retired kindergarten teacher from Eugene, has had doll Pansy Pearl by her side for 83 of her 88 years.
Yeah, but now he's walking around in circles and repeating everything," said Pansy.
63 See Moyne where the illustration of the pansy is accompanied by its English name "pawnsie" and its French name "pensee.
Family treasures from Mildred's maternal grandmother Pansy Yount, which were of particular importance to Mildred, are also included in the sale.
The ECHO has teamed up with Dogs Trust Merseyside in Huyton to help find a new home for Pansy.
We wanted to help out and came up with the pink pansy idea.
Video cameras set up for a previous study were switched on when zoo staff noticed Pansy was ill in December 2008.
Daily Record, Hardy Fragrant Trailing Pansy Offer DR026, 14 Hadfield Street, OldTrafford, Manchester, M16 9FG
Violas have small flowers but more of them and are self-cleaning - dead flowers drop off rather than rot like on a pansy.
SEASONAL STUNNER: Winter flowering pansy seems to have provided a festive feast for a few last minute slugs or snails before they hibernated or there may have been a flush of the violet aphid that attacks pansies
It was only when that obstacle was cleared that I looked at her pinched face and realised it was not just any soft toy that she had lost, but Pansy.