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(pəntənäl`), lowland region of SW Mato Grosso state, Brazil, bordering the Paraguay River and extending to the the western edge of the Brazilian Plateau. Parts of the pantanal extend into Bolivia and Paraguay. It is the world's largest wetland area, c.77,000 sq mi (200,000 sq km). Although subject to annual flooding, it is not a marshland; the water is not stagnant, and there is no malaria. The pantanal completely dries out at the end of the six-month rainy season, leaving lush grasslands that are used for cattle grazing. Millions of migratory birds visit the area every year and over 100 species of mammals and reptiles live there. However, the pristine nature of the pantanal is threatened by encroaching ranching and agriculture, poaching, and coal mining.



a swampy area in Brazil located along the upper Paraguay River. It is situated in a tectonic basin near the western base of the Brazilian Highlands. During the rainy season the area becomes flooded, restraining the freshets of the Paraguay River downstream. In dry periods it is a combination of swamps, lakes, and salt marshes alternating with areas covered with forest, shrub, and grass.

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Grantee: AssociacEuo Regional das Produtoras Extrativistas do Pantanal (Regional Extractive Producers Association of the Pantanal)
Depuis 17 ans, le groupe voyage au Pantanal pour pecher, logeant dans un bateau-hotel qui parcourt la riviere pendant six nuits.
One of the venues in Cuiaba, the Arena Pantanal Stadium, was completed in April and served as a venue for many of the matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Colombia took the lead after 17 minutes when Adrian Ramos was brought down by centre back Yasuyuki Konno as he raced into the box on the left and Cuadrado calmly converted from the spot at the Pantanal arena.
The Arena Pantanal was the setting for a classic clash of football cultures - the subtlety and more technical approach of a team from the Balkans against the power and pace of the champions of Africa.
He said since the meningitis-like virus hospitalised Alan two weeks before his birthday, he has begun to recover and would also be appearing as a mascot on Tuesday, when Japan take on Colombia in the city's Arena Pantanal.
Russia goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev spilled Lee Keun-ho's speculative long-range shot into his own net to gift South Korea a 68th-minute lead at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba in Group H.
The match will be held at Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba.
Pantanal, the immense wetlands of the south rival the Amazon for biodiversity, city-hoppers can go to Brasilia to see what futuristic architecture looked like in the 60's, to Saao Paulo for some of South America's best graffiti, and to Olinda or Ouro Preto for colonial treasures.
Here, we present new data on the breeding biology of Herpetotheres cachinnans based on eleven nests from the southern Pantanal near Miranda, Brazil, and provide novel data on the use of nest-boxes by the species, as well as details on the eggs, nestlings, plumage of the juveniles, and an undescribed vocalization of nestlings.
The worker named Muhammad Ali Maciel Afonso, who was 32-year-old, reportedly died after being electrocuted at the new Arena Pantanal stadium in the western city of Cuiba.
The stadiums include: Maracana in Rio de Janeiro state; Arena Pantanal in Mato Grosso State; Arena da Baixada in Parana State; Arena Fonte Nova in Bahia State, Arena Pernambuco in Pernambuco State; and the Estadio Nacional, in the capital of Brasilia.