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A growth pattern of epithelial tumors in which the proliferating epithelial cells grow outward from a surface, accompanied by vascularized cores of connective tissue, to form a branching structure.



a benign tumor of man and animals; its basic structural element is a connective-tissue papilla covered with epithelium and containing vessels. The growth of the papillae in various directions sometimes gives a papilloma the appearance of a cauliflower. The presence of numerous papillomas is called papillomatosis. Papillomas are most commonly found on the skin, although they sometimes occur on mucous membranes. In man, they may be congenital or may result from chronic inflammatory irritation. Some papillomas are viral in origin, for example, those of the sexual organs. The recommended therapy is surgical removal.

Papillomatosis in animals is caused by locally specific viruses. It affects cattle, horses, dogs, and rabbits and occasionally goats, sheep, and wild animals. The infection is caused by diseased animals; natural infection results from contact between diseased and healthy animals. The disease is long in duration. Isolated coral-like papillomas appear and then spread. Their surface is dry, horny, and cracked. When injured, papillomas bleed and become infected and ulcerous. Diagnosis is based on clinical and histological examination. Treatment generally consists of surgical removal.


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It revealed that a papillary tumor was in the left side of the prostatic urethra with mild inflammatory change on the mucosa (black arrows).
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Herein we have organized a review describing first oncocytoma and tumors that may be considered in the differential diagnosis, and then high-grade nonpapillary and papillary tumors where a correct diagnosis may need more robust ancillary testing.
To ascertain the presence of invasion in papillary tumors, the presence or absence of myoepithelial cells at the periphery of the tumor has been routinely used by pathologists.
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