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Golf an estimated standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make



Abbr. for “planed all round.”


On drawings, abbr. for paragraph.

PAR lamp

PAR lamp
A reflector lamp, usually incandescent, with a thick glass envelope, the back interior side of which has a parabolic shape with a reflective coating; used with a lensed front of the envelope to provide desired spread of the light beam.
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Blending technology into practical instructional formats is par for the course at Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) in Clayton, OH, says Lona P.
Now this 'denationalization' is, in fact, pretty par for the course all over the world, except for the Russian and Cuban companies and, remarkably, the Paris Opera Ballet.
Joe Guzzardi, a columnist for the Lodi, California, News-Sentinel, reports: "Refusals from Mexico to extradite violent criminals are par for the course.
As her new book, Reporting Back: Notes on Journalism, reveals, that's about par for the course.
Sadly, this is par for the course at major sporting events where greed is often the name of the game.