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see Eden, Garden ofEden, Garden of,
in the Bible, first home to humankind. In it were the trees of life and of the knowledge of good and evil. Having eaten the forbidden fruit of the latter tree, Adam and Eve were banished from the garden and God's presence.
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; heavenheaven,
blissful upper realm or state entered after death; in Western monotheistic religions it is the place where the just see God face to face (sometimes called the beatific vision).
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town (1990 pop. 25,406), Butte co., N central Calif., located along a broad ridge in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range, inc. 1979. It is mainly residential with a growing population. Cattle are raised and fruits, olives, nuts, wheat, and nursery stock are grown. Gold was discovered nearby in 1859. A wildfire in 2018 largely destroyed the town.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Paradise, asteroid 2,791 (the 2,791st asteroid to be discovered, on February 13, 1977), is approximately 20 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.7 years. Paradise is a concept asteroid, named after the Garden of Eden. J. Lee Lehman asserts that if this asteroid is well-aspected in a natal chart, the native believes paradise can be found in this existence. If, however, “the asteroid is poorly aspect, then the person is less than optimistic that Paradise exists outside of the movies.” Jacob Schwartz gives Paradise’s astrological significance as “beliefs in perfection.”


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according to most religious teaching, for example, in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism, the place of eternal bliss for the souls of the righteous.

Sources for the concept of paradise go back to primitive beliefs in the existence of the soul beyond the grave. In the Old Testament, paradise is depicted as a beautiful garden in which the “first man and woman,” Adam and Eve, lived until they were driven out after they fell from grace. In the subsequent development of Christian doctrine, paradise was conceptualized as a place to which the righteous returned after death.

In many religions, the bliss of paradise is contrasted with the torments of the sinners in hell. Unlike the detailed elaborations of conditions in hell, however, representations of paradise are vague and sketchy. The concepts of “paradise” and “hell” are used by the clergy for the religious aims of influencing the consciousness and feelings of believers.

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1. The court of the atrium in front of a church.
2. The garth of a cloister.
3. A Persian pleasure garden, usually elaborately planted.
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poetic name for heaven. [World Rel.: NCE, 1213]
See: Heaven


See also Heaven, Utopia.
Indonesian island; thought of as garden of Eden. [Geography: NCE, 215–216]
magical Scottish village that materializes once every 100 years. [Am. Music: Payton, 100–101]
ancient region on Jordan river; promised by God to Abraham. [O.T.: Genesis 12:5–10]
Earthly Paradise
place of beauty, peace, and immortality, believed in the Middle Ages to exist in some undiscovered land. [Eur. Legend: Benét, 298]
earthly garden of luxury; abode of Adam and Eve. [O.T.: Genesis 2:8]
(Elysian Fields) abode of the blessed in afterlife. [Gk. & Rom. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary]
Garden of the Hesperides
quiet garden of the gods where golden apples grew. [Gk. Lit.: Hippolytus; Gk. Myth.: Gaster, 25]
Happy Hunting Ground
paradise for American Indians. [Am. Culture: Jobes, 724]
Happy Valley
beautiful spot in Kashmir’s Jhelum Valley. [Indian Hist.: Payton, 300]
where trees bear fruits of lapis lazuli. [Babylonian Lit.: Gilgamesh]
land of milk and honey
proverbial ideal of plenty and happiness. [Western Cult.: Brewer Dictionary]
Land of the Lotophagi
African land where eating lotos fruit produced amnesia and indolence. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey; Br. Lit.: “The Lotos-Eaters” in Norton, 733–736]
eternal bliss and the end of all earthly suffering. [Indian Religion: Jobes, 1175]
utopia hidden in the Himalayas. [Br. Lit.: Lost Horizon]
garden of jeweled trees and dulcet-voiced birds. [Buddhist Myth.: Gaster, 24]
fabled land of wealth and splendor. [Eur. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1084]
land of luxuriance and red sunrise. [Aztec Myth.: Gaster, 25]
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1. heaven as the ultimate abode or state of the righteous
2. Islam the sensual garden of delights that the Koran promises the faithful after death
3. (according to some theologians) the intermediate abode or state of the just prior to the Resurrection of Jesus, as in Luke 23:43
4. the place or state of happiness enjoyed by Adam before the first sin; the Garden of Eden
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Paradise is a subsystem (a set of packages) developed to implement inter-processes, inter-tasks and inter-machine communication for Ada programs under Unix. This subsystem gives the user full access to files, pipes, sockets (both Unix and Internet) and pseudo-devices.

Paradise has been ported to Sun, DEC, Sony MIPS, Verdex compiler, DEC compiler, Alsys/Systeam compiler.

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An earlier family of graphics cards for PCs from the Paradise subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation, Irvine, CA.
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They mean to light out for the territory, Nargess's paradisaical hometown, but they need bus fare.
Schopenhauer pessimistically notes how the modernization alienates us from paradisaical sources of ancient wisdom.
Tom Erisman's cinematography conveys the paradisaical and the infernal sides of the tropics with equal conviction, and Menno Daams' music is pleasantly atmospheric.
In particular, Pei was inspired by the traditional Chinese tale 'Peach Blossom Spring' by Tao Yuan Ming in which a fisherman passes through a cave opening and discovers a remote and paradisaical lost valley.
Why, for example, should papers on narratives of paradisaical new worlds and Campion's poetry for masque settings be found side by side?
The suntrap, on Berry Street, offers visitors table service in a 'paradisaical atmosphere' away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.