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Tingling, crawling, or burning sensation of the skin.



an unusual sensation of numbing, pricking, or creeping of the skin that arises either without external cause or under the action of various mechanical factors, such as pressure on a nerve or vessel. Paresthesia may be a manifestation of diseases of the peripheral nervous system or, more rarely, of the sensory centers of the spinal cord or brain.

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The most common complication was induration and swelling, which developed in 64 patients, followed by paraesthesia in 27, and skin burns in 12.
Only 6% of all the subjects have consulted a doctor due to musculoskeletal pain paraesthesia or numbness.
All but one patient had pain or paraesthesia as the presenting complaint, with pain being the dominant symptom.
It was clinically detected that local ischemia creates spontaneous neural discharge in the myelinated fibers under compression and this could lead to paraesthesia consequently.
Common early symptoms include visual disturbances, facial pain or trigeminal neuralgia, and paraesthesia or numbness of feet, legs, hands and arms.
Eight cases presented asymptomatically at the time of diagnosis, 4 had hypertension, and 1 other in addition to this case presented with dyspnea accompanied with chest pain, paraesthesia, and palpitations.
Incidence of lingual nerve paraesthesia following mandibular third molar surgery.
In Group I Sciatic nerve block was established with a nerve locator and in group II paraesthesia elicitation technique was used.
Mad honey poisoning generally lasts no more than 24 hours, with symptoms of the mild form including dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, excessive perspiration, hypersalivation and paraesthesia.
Sensory disturbance may include numbness, paraesthesia (pins and needles) or dysaesthesia (unpleasant burning pain and hypersensitivity).
A right-handed 37-year-old man presented with paraesthesia and altered sensation on the volar aspect of his left ring and little fingers.