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He said that international paragliders had started registering them with the AJK government for participation in the event.
He hoped that the event would also attract youth to paragliding as presently the country had very less number of paragliders in comparison with other countries.
Sani Zahara, 14, and a 9th class student from Nagral village of Gilgit town, became the region's youngest female paraglider when she recently jumped from a mountain of Sultanabad, near Gilgit town and successfully landed after flying over Gilgit town.
Dumyat has become a popular location for paragliders because of its geographical location.
Summary: Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) [India] October 25 (ANI): Sanjay Kumar Ramdas, a 51-year-old paraglider of Indian descent who is residing in Australia, was found dead in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday.
A PARAGLIDER suffered serious injuries after crashing down a steep embankment at a beauty spot.
A PARAGLIDER suffered major trauma injuries after falling off Buckstones Edge above Marsden.
Ann, according to the police boss, has been visiting Iten regularly for the past 17 years to train paragliders.
The BHGPA said they will publish a warning to other paragliders in their magazine.
Eyewitness Rob Downing, 48, of Yarm, was one of several other paragliders in the air when the incident happened.
Everyone is excited about our project and cannot really believe that we two young women will set off alone with three horses, two paragliders, two telescopes, and a bunch of other educational materials through remote and perhaps dangerous terrain.