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parallax 3D

A type of glasses-free 3D (autostereoscopic) technology that separates the image into columns of left and right pixels and uses an opaque barrier layer with vertical slits to direct the eyes appropriately. Dating back to the early 20th century, various parallax methods have been employed on cameras and other devices, some of which were very short lived. In 2009, Hitachi introduced mobile phones in Japan with parallax screens, and two years later, Nintendo launched its parallax-based 3DS game console in the U.S.

Although the barrier layer may be adjusted by the user, this method is more adaptable to phones and video games where the user's head remains in a fixed position when viewing the screen. See lenticular 3D, 3D visualization and 3D rendering.

The Parallax Barrier
The barrier, which is an LCD layer itself, directs the left eye to the left column and the right eye to the right column.

The Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo's 3DS uses a parallax barrier to provide 3D effects without the glasses. A slider moves the barrier to adjust the amount of depth.
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In traditional lenticular or parallax barrier systems, the radiation profile is largely constrained by geometrical factors such as physical LCD pixel layout and aperture shape.
It can display images at a higher resolution and a higher quality than current parallax barrier type glasses-free 3D displays.
The parallax barrier method, for example, succeeds in creating the illusion of 3-D, but it is cumbersome as well, as it requires a combination of rear projection video and physical barriers or optics between the screen and the viewer.
In order to meet the exacting requirements needed to produce 3D International's patent pending Chromatic Light Deflector Optical element and its time and trial tested Parallax Barrier component(s), a 800 Amp electrical substation was built.
Their solution was auto-stereoscopy, with the most common approaches being parallax barrier and lenticular technologies.
Making the announcement today, the company said its 5x5mm 81-ball UFBGA chip also integrates a parallax barrier screen driver which allows 3D content to be viewed without glasses.
The Merlin 3D player incorporates a high-end digital LCD display with a parallax barrier to ensure realistic 3D viewing without the need for any special glasses.
The displays use a parallax barrier to create a 3D effect without the need for special glasses.
The newly developed 3D LCD uses a parallax barrier system to display 3D images.
Land Rover has cleverly found a way around the problem by using a system called Parallax Barrier technology which allows two people sitting side by side to see two different pictures on the same screen.
The design superimposes a parallax barrier on a TFT LCD to separate the backlight into right and left directions.