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1. separated by an equal distance at every point; never touching or intersecting
2. Music
a. (of two or more parts or melodies) moving in similar motion but keeping the same interval apart throughout
b. denoting successive chords in which the individual notes move in parallel motion
3. Computing operating on several items of information, instructions, etc., simultaneously
4. Maths one of a set of parallel lines, planes, etc.
5. any of the imaginary lines around the earth parallel to the equator, designated by degrees of latitude ranging from 0° at the equator to 90° at the poles
a. a configuration of two or more electrical components connected between two points in a circuit so that the same voltage is applied to each (esp in the phrase in parallel)
b. (as modifier): a parallel circuit
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Always the same distance apart; thus two parallel lines never meet.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The orbits of most of the planets in the solar system lie in approximately the same geometric plane, which is why an astrological chart using only a two-dimensional representation rather than one with three dimensions is drawn. There is, nevertheless, a variation in the tilt or angle of these orbits, so at any given time most of the planets are either north or south of the celestial equator (the plane described by projecting Earth’s equator against the background of the stars). This variation is measured in degrees of declination. Two planets are parallel when they are on the same side of the celestial equator and have the same degree of declination. Planets with the same declination are said to have a relationship similar to a conjunction.

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(computer science)
Simultaneous transmission of, storage of, or logical operations on the parts of a word, character, or other subdivision of a word in a computer, using separate facilities for the various parts.
Connected to the same pair of terminals. Also known as multiple; shunt.
A circle on the surface of the earth, parallel to the plane of the equator and connecting all points of equal latitude. Also known as circle of longitude; parallel of latitude.
Lines are parallel in a Euclidean space if they lie in a common plane and do not intersect.
Planes are parallel in a Euclidean three-dimensional space if they do not intersect.
A circle parallel to the primary great circle of a sphere or spheroid.
A curve is parallel to a given curve C if it consists of points that are a fixed distance from C along lines perpendicular to C.
Of two or more displacements or other vectors, having the same direction.
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The line joining all points that are at the same latitude (i.e., parallel to the equator). See latitude. See also parallel of latitude.
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parallel computing

Solving a problem with multiple computers or computers made up of multiple processors. Parallel computing is an umbrella term for a variety of architectures, including symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), clusters of SMP systems, massively parallel processors (MPPs) and grid computing. See SMP, MPP, clustering, pipeline processing, vector processor, hypercube and grid computing.

Parallels Desktop

(Parallels Desktop for Mac) Virtual machine software from Parallels, Inc., Renton, WA ( that allows Windows, Linux and other operating systems to run in an Intel-based Mac. In 2006, Mac computers began shipping with Intel x86 CPU chips, enabling Windows to run natively in the machine. Parallels also supports OpenGL 3D, the graphics language used in many high-end games. See virtual machine.

Windows on the Mac Desktop
In the Mac, Windows can run full screen or in a window on the desktop. However, Parallels' "Coherence" is the smoothest mode of operation. Windows applications run in individual windows intermixed on the desktop with Mac applications. When minimized, Windows apps appear in the Mac Dock along with the Mac apps. The Windows Start menu can be set to autohide, leaving no trace of the Windows OS on the Mac desktop.

Import a Windows Machine - Switch to Mac
Parallels Desktop comes with a migration utility that can move the entire contents of a Windows PC to a Parallels virtual machine in the Mac. It can also convert virtual machines from VMware and Microsoft to a Parallels virtual machine.

The Switch to Mac Edition of Parallels includes a USB transfer cable that connects the Windows and Mac machines together for the migration. See Boot Camp, Virtual PC, VMware Fusion and Parallels Workstation.

Seamless Integration
In Coherence mode, Mac applications and Windows applications exist side-by-side on the Mac desktop, providing seamless integration of the two environments.
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In terms of differences in preferences between the men and women, female respondents preferred the crescent-shaped smile, while males preferred a more "open" smile in which the lower rim of the upper teeth and the lower lip are completely parallel.
After having created the root node, a lock based parallel implementation invokes multiple threads for the creation of sub-trees.
The parallel download feature will kick in once a download takes longer than two seconds; when it does it'll create three parallel jobs to speed up the download.
In the present study, parallel computing has been used to get the response of the simplest structure, i.e.
As the wrench system of a parallel kinematic chain is the linear combination of those of all its legs in a general configuration, any leg-wrench system in a E = PKC is a sub-system of its wrench system.
Parallel students at campuses nationwide protested last year, urging the government to cancel the yearly parallel system fees.
A prototype of pneumatic translational parallel manipulator of tripod kinematic structure was constructed in the Division of Mechatronics (Kielce University of Technology, Poland) (Laski & Dindorf, 2007).
The new smart order routing strategies are intended to complement BATS' default routing strategy, Parallel D, which was rolled out in October.

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