parallel transfer

parallel transfer

[′par·ə‚lel ′tranz·fər]
(computer science)
Simultaneous transfer of all bits in a storage location constituting a character or word.
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parallel transmission

Transmitting several bits of data simultaneously using multiple lines (8, 16, 32, 64). The pathways between the CPU and memory are parallel, and they used to be parallel between the CPU and peripheral devices. For example, parallel ATA (PATA) was replaced with serial ATA (SATA); parallel PCI was replaced with serial PCIe. See SATA, PATA, PCI and PCIe.

Why the Change?
At increasingly higher transfer rates, it is more efficient to build channels that carry data over a single wire rather than 32 or 64. For more details, see parallel vs. serial. Contrast with serial transmission. See system bus.
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The system performance can be increased further by parallel transfer of multiple archive volumes to EMC Data Domain at the same time.
IfA astronomer John Tonry designed the camera, known as OPTIC (Orthogonal Parallel Transfer Imaging Camera), and it was built at the IfA.
Also on their stand will be the Diverter II and Parallel Transfer unit for ink-jet printing on to the basses of bottles and cans.
In fact, a single SCSI device could talk to another device using packets during one operation and seamlessly switch to parallel transfer to perform an operation with a third device.
The technology allows the parallel transfer of any number of genes into (or out of) multiple expression systems by simply mixing DNAs, adding proteins and incubating.
The need for both high bandwidth and parallel transfer capability for storage subsystems becomes obvious, particularly with the amount of digital content growing at 60% or more annually.
Each port supports parallel transfer rates of 100MB/sec.
After the recent signing of Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with Afghanistan and US for the legitimacy of US troops presence and actions in Afghanistan, it is expected that event would mark two simultaneous and parallel transfers of responsibility, one is the transfer of security responsibility to Afghan forces and secondly the transfer of counter narcotics programming responsibilities and related operational activities to the Afghan government.

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