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inflammation of the parametrium—connective tissue adjacent to the uterus. It is generally caused by staphylococci, streptococci, or colon bacilli that invade the parametrium from the uterine cervix (during abortions, especially those performed outside a hospital), from the body of the uterus (after complicated labor), or occasionally from other organs, such as the rectum or the urinary bladder.

Parametritis arises in the second week after childbirth or abortion with general malaise, weakness, chills, a rise in body temperature to 38° or 39°C, and mild pain in the lower abdomen. The inflammatory infiltrate that develops in the parametrium reaches the walls of the lesser pelvis and is usually resorbed in a week or two. Suppuration is rare.

Treatment in the acute stage includes rest, cooling of the lower abdomen, and administration of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents. In the chronic stage physical therapy is prescribed to hasten resorption of the infiltrate. Prophylaxis involves prevention of infection during labor and abortion and control of illegal abortions.


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