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see insecticideinsecticides,
chemical, biological, or other agents used to destroy insect pests; the term commonly refers to chemical agents only. Chemical Insecticides

The modern history of chemical insecticides in the United States dates from 1867, when Paris green proved
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Results for other organophosphates measured in the study (malathion, diazinon, methyl parathion, and chlorpyrifos) were not reported due to low detection rates or limited use in the study region.
Glutathione conjugation was a major resistance mechanism for parathion and methyl parathion in diamondback moth (52) and Lygus lineolaris with resistance to malathion had significantly higher (1.
Effects of dietary methyl parathion on northern bobwhite egg production and eggshell quality.
Clark (1986) orally dosed bats and mice with the OP methyl parathion and found that although the [LD.
Biochemical Factors Contributing to Toxicity Differences Among Chlorpyrifos, Parathion, and Methyl Parathion in Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis).
Intralipid fat emulsion decreases respiratory failure in a rat model of parathion exposure.
Cyanamid later introduced Malathion, a safer OP than parathion, but not the with the same insect sprectrum or knockdown.
Methyl parathion in residential properties: relocation and decontamination methodology.
Examples of pesticide active ingredients responsible for poisoning Organophosphates Methyl parathion Ethal parathion Malathion Diazinon Fenthion Dichlorvos Chlorpyrifos Trichlorfon Anticoagulants Brodifacoum Difethialone Chlorofacinone Coumachlor Difenacoum Diphacinone Warfarin Pyrethroids Allethrin Bifenthrin Cypermeter Permethrin Deltamethrin Organochlorines Lindane (lice shampoo) Carbamates Aldicarb Carbofuran Oxamyl Methomyl Formetanate Methiocarb Aminocarb Mecarbam Bendiocarb Propoxur Herbicides Glysophate Atrazine Nicosulfuran Fenoxaprop Alachlor Pendimethalin Halosulfuran-methyl Paraquat Triclopyr Clopyralid Picloram N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET- mosquito repellent)
A few among them are DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), parathion, BHC (benzene hexachloride) and endosulfan.
The use of organophosphates like parathion, malathion and diazinon as insecticides have a direct link to diseases such as ADHD in children, Alzheimer's disease, and various other neurological disorders due to their neurotoxic effects.