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see insecticideinsecticides,
chemical, biological, or other agents used to destroy insect pests; the term commonly refers to chemical agents only. Chemical Insecticides

The modern history of chemical insecticides in the United States dates from 1867, when Paris green proved
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Exposure Exposed cases Exposed noncases (n =1,081) (n = 29,513) Any insecticide 447 11,420 Carbamates 353 9,089 Carbaryl 342 8,884 Carbofuran 20 535 Organochlorines 87 2,149 Aldrin 8 232 Chlordane 47 1,178 DDT 48 997 Dieldrin 6 102 Heptachlor 11 215 Lindane 15 425 Toxaphene 6 198 Organophosphates 300 7,389 Chlorpyrifos 51 1,130 Coumaphos 18 356 Diazinon 118 2,902 Dichlorvos 32 712 Fonofos 18 538 Malathion 226 5,561 Parathion 13 289 Phorate 22 561 Terbufos 37 814 Pyrethroids 45 1,360 Permethrin for animals 32 977 Permethrin for crops 17 568 Exposure Adjusted HRa 95% CI Adjusted HRb Any insecticide 1.
The results showed that administration of methyl parathion Chicken orally causes disturbances of body functions.
Glutathione conjugation was a major resistance mechanism for parathion and methyl parathion in diamondback moth (52) and Lygus lineolaris with resistance to malathion had significantly higher (1.
Screening of insecticides showed that all of the carbamatesand the OPs malathion, parathion and diazinon gave stronginhibition while other OPs such as trichlorfon, acephate anddimethoate showed less than 50% inhibition to AChE activity (Fig.
Involvement of oxidative stress in methyl parathion and parathion-induced toxicity and genotoxicity to human liver carcinoma (Hepg2) cells.
Effects of dietary methyl parathion on northern bobwhite egg production and eggshell quality.
Intralipid fat emulsion decreases respiratory failure in a rat model of parathion exposure.
Cyanamid later introduced Malathion, a safer OP than parathion, but not the with the same insect sprectrum or knockdown.
2005) studying Chinese propolis, did not find pesticides (DDT, methamidophos, parathion and BHC) in the samples tested.