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En este sentido es conveniente realizar una minuciosa valoracion macroscopica de posibles lesiones compatibles con tuberculosis (pulmon izquierdo y derecho, linfonodos parotideo, submandibular, retrofaringeo, mediastinico, traqueobronquial, mamario, preescapular y mesentericos, ademas de en otros organos como higado o bazo) y con paratuberculosis (observacion de valvula ileocecal y linfonodos ileocecales).
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Multivariate logistic regression analysis with the backward elimination procedure in cattle and buffaloes revealed that herd (OR=0.294), age (OR=1.16) and lactation number (OR=1.534) showed significant association with the occurrence of Paratuberculosis. The study revealed that the disease was present at these two cattle/buffalo colonies.
Paratuberculosis (ptb), una enfermedad granulomatosa cronica enterica que afecta a rumiantes domesticos y salvajes [36], causando perdidas economicas [39], no responde a tratamientos y provoca emaciacion progresiva de los animales sin signos clinicos especificos [45].
This high copy number target gives an increased sensitivity compared to systems targeting single copy genes, which makes it popular in molecular diagnostic methods for paratuberculosis. IS900 has a unique nucleotide sequence which can be specifically detected by hybridization or PCR techniques (Collins et al 1993 and Moss et al 1992).
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Since there have been no studies to date on the role of mycobacteria in the pathogenesis of human allergies, we evaluated the allergenicity of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) and its possible contribution to the pathogenesis of these diseases.
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