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in law, active acquiescence or silent compliance by a person legally capable of consenting (see age of consentage of consent,
the age at which, according to the law, persons are bound by their words and acts. There are different ages at which one acquires legal capacity to consent to marriage, to choose a guardian, to conclude a contract, and the like.
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). It may be evidenced by words or acts or by silence when silence implies concurrence. Actual or implied consent is necessarily an element in every contractcontract,
in law, a promise, enforceable by law, to perform or to refrain from performing some specified act. In a general sense, all civil obligations fall under tort or contract law.
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 and every agreement. In criminal charges, the consent of the party injured (if not obtained by fraudfraud,
in law, willful misrepresentation intended to deprive another of some right. The offense, generally only a tort, may also constitute the crime of false pretenses. Frauds are either actual or constructive.
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 or duressduress
, in law, actual or threatened violence or imprisonment, by reason of which a person is forced to enter into an agreement or to perform some other act against his will.
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) is a defense for the accused, unless a third party or the state is injured.
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age of consent the lowest age at which the law recognizes the right of a person to consent to sexual intercourse
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The controversy over that practice led the California Legislature to pass a law in 1998 requiring parental consent before the corneas can be procured.
In addition to bypassing parental consent when the parents had been deprived of rights in the courts and when they fell under guardianship because of mental illness, officials could waive consent when a child was in an institution and the parents had failed to provide information about themselves or their whereabouts for more than one year.
The 1979 Bellotti decision (Bellotti II) thus makes clear that the state laws which now require parental consent for abortions provided to minors are invalid.
Pennsylvania law requires parental consent (or judicial bypass) for an abortion to be performed on a minor.
State laws influence immunization practices in at least three critical ways, by: 1) specifying required childhood immunizations; 2) providing exemptions to immunization requirements; and 3) establishing parameters for parental consent for minors' receipt of medical services.
The kids-focused service already requires parental consent and uses simple math problems to ensure that kids are not signing in on their own.
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG) has been slapped with a $170-million fine for illegally collecting the personal information of kids without parental consent, the Federal Trade Commission said in a statement Wednesday.
'No parental consent, no vaccination' !-- -- Mayen Jaymalin (The Philippine Star) - July 10, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Only children with parental consent can avail themselves of the government's free immunization program, the Department of Health (DOH) said yesterday.
Ethan Lindenberger from Ohio asked social media site Reddit if he could have vaccines without parental consent. His mother would not give her permission, he wrote in the post, which had thousands of reactions.
One such minor was a 15-year-old from Minnesota who took to ( Reddit to ask users what he could do to get vaccinated without getting parental consent. He also asked help parsing state laws to get immunized.

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