Maternity Leave

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Maternity Leave


in the USSR, leave granted to women industrial, office, professional, and kolkhoz workers for a period of 56 calendar days before parturition and 56 calendar days after parturition, with payment of benefits for that period provided by state social insurance. In the event of abnormal childbirth or the birth of two or more children, the leave after parturition is extended to 70 calendar days. Women who adopt newborn children directly from a maternity home are granted leave from the day of adoption until the infant is 56 days old.

Women industrial, office, and professional workers (including those who are not members of trade unions) and members of kolkhozes have the right to maternity benefits regardless of their length of service. Benefits paid (since Dec. 1, 1973) equal total earnings, also regardless of length of service.

After maternity leave, a woman has the option of taking supplementary leave without pay until the infant reaches one year of age. Women who adopt infants directly from maternity homes also have the right to such leave. Women’s jobs are retained for them during this period, and leave time is included as part of total, uninterrupted length of service. Leave time is also included in calculations of length of experience in a particular field.

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The counter argument to this was that the State would bear the cost of payments, and paid parental leave would increase the retention rate of women, and therefore reduce recruitment and training costs for employers:
Meanwhile, the trade unions requested the authorities look into parental leave being partially or fully paid, so that parents have more of an incentive to ask for it.
Shared parental leave is also available to adopters, allowing them to share leave in the year following a child's adoption.
The rule reads: "A motion for continuance based on parental leave of the lead attorney in the case shall be granted if made within a reasonable time after learning the basis for the continuance unless substantial prejudice to the opposing party is shown.
2) This paper offers a more narrow approach that covers only paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a new child (versus time off for a sick family member or a personal medical reason).
In March of this year, JB&B implemented this new parental leave policy for full-time employees who have been employed with the company for 3 years.
The diocese also allowed up to six months of parental leave without pay.
Celtra has expanded the company's parental leave policy of three months paid maternity leave to six months of paid bonding time with a newborn, the company said.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 17, 2016-Shared parental leave extended to grandparents by Santander
Carter's thinking on this issue was informed by talking with private businesses about their parental leave policies in an effort to make the Pentagon, which employs roughly 1.
The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation has called on new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reject the ironically named Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill 2015, which enshrines a Coalition government decision to roll back hard fought for paid parental leave rights.

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