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Cefuroxime and cephalexin share a similar resistance percentage in Proteus mirabilis (20%) and Klebsiella pneumoniaae (37%-39%), which makes cefuroxime useful in the common UBR group of patients for oral and parenteral therapy. Because of its administration (q8h frequency), its parenteral cost is somewhat lower than that of ampicillin.
striatum in pure culture or was polymicrobial, whether the treating physician considered the isolate to be clinically relevant or a contaminant, length of parenteral therapy administered, and whether adverse events were documented.
It would allow for better allocation of hospital resources and offer a highly clinically efficacious, cost-effective, and safe alternative to inpatient care where parenteral therapy is deemed necessary.
Davies, "Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy: evolution of the calgary adult home parenteral therapy program," Clinical and Investigative Medicine, vol.
Infusion therapy might also be referred to as parenteral therapy, since the term "parenteral" refers to a substance that is taken into the body or administered in a manner other than through the digestive tract, such as by IV or intramuscular injection.
Ten calves (Group A) were given topical treatment (Pyodine 10 % and Neomycin Sulphate and Bacitracin Zinc) twice a day for five days 10 calves (Group B) were given parenteral therapy (Amoxicillin and Meloxicam) for five days 10 calves (Group C) were given both topical and parenteral therapy for five days and 10 calves (Group D) were kept as a positive control.
The use of deferoxamine therapy is limited by cost as well as the need for parenteral therapy, discomfort, inconvenience, and neurotoxicity.
The most common adverse effects from parenteral therapy were weight gain (40%), increased appetite (40%) and puffy face (40%).
Parenteral therapy should be initiated in severe infections.
Mean age of children in the parenteral therapy group was 1 year and 3 months.
"This approval significantly expands the treatment options for PAH patients using parenteral therapy in Europe."