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A slight paralysis.
Incomplete loss of muscular power.
Weakness of a limb.
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attenuation of voluntary movements; their complete loss is termed paralysis. Paresis and paralysis, which are caused by the same factors, are the motor disorders most frequently encountered in clinical practice.

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According to the IHS, OM is diagnosed when at least two or more attacks of migraine-like headaches lasting for 4 days from the onset are accompanied or followed by the paresis of one or more of the third, 4th or 6th cranial nerves.
Additionally, while confirmation of cutaneous lymphoma was obtained after digit amputation, the bird was not showing any signs of limb paresis, muscle atrophy, or systemic disease.
Unilateral paresis of the abdominal wall: a radicular syndrome caused by herniation of the L1-2 disc?.
In this case report, the neuro-ophthalmologic profile and DW-MRI findings of a patient with partial fascicular oculomotor paresis, which was caused by brainstem ischemic stroke were studied.
In addition, with regard to the motor paresis, we observed complete hemiplegia in the left upper extremity in the flexed position and mild hemiparesis in the left lower extremity.
[6] 47 F Spinal Case Procedure Side of paresis Guardiani et al.
Of the three cases of unsteady walking, one had left-side semicircular canal paresis, 1 had bilateral semicircular canal paresis and another who had normal vestibular function was complicated with severe visual loss.
Vocal fold paresis: etiology, clinical diagnosis and clinical management.
Further examination revealed a flaccid paresis (grade 2 of 5) involving both the distal and proximal muscles bilaterally in the upper and lower limbs; associated with that, the patient had diminished patellar and ankle-jerk reflexes (grade 2 for both).
Post-operative period was uneventful and uncomplicated without dizziness or facial nerve paresis. As expected from the approach and accepted by the patient, post-operative deafness occurred on the operated side.
A 54-year-old man was admitted to the Neurology Department, Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre, due to severe frontal headache and right-sided periorbital pain, with the right eyelid ptosis and paresis of the right oculomotor cranial nerve.
However, zoster paresis is a rare complication of herpes zoster and focal motor weakness does not always present simultaneously with skin lesions.