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see halohalo,
in meteorology, short-lived circles or arcs, and less commonly spikes and crosses, of colored or whitish light surrounding the moon or sun or in clouds as seen from above.
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(also mock sun, sun dog), a bright circular spot seen in the sky either on one side or on both sides of the solar disk; it is a type of halo. Similar spots formed by lunar light are called paraselenae.


Either of two colored luminous spots that appear at points 22° (or somewhat more) on both sides of the sun and at the same elevation as the sun; the solar counterpart of the lunar paraselene. Also known as mock sun; sun dog.
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Colin Orviss, Founder, Parhelion Global Communications; former TM Forum Advisory Council member
Derek Haydn Jones, trainer of Parhelion "He's fine.
Parhelion, a one-time lead horse to Derby winner Nijinsky, was Derek's first runner and since that success at Wolverhampton back in 1971, Derek has trained many winners on the flat and over the sticks.
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This is not always the disk of the sun itself, but at least in some cases must be a parhelion.