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see HarijansHarijans
[children of God], in India, individuals who are at the bottom of or outside the Hindu caste system. They were traditionally sweepers, washers of clothes, leatherworkers, and those whose occupation it was to kill animals.
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  1. in India, a member of a low CASTE (see HINDUISM) or ‘untouchable’group, thus subject to ritual and social exclusion.
  2. by analogy, any social outcast, or stigmatized individual or group.



a member of an untouchable caste in southern India, rather numerous in the state of Tamil Nadu. In the past it was virtually forbidden for pariahs to have social relations with members of higher castes. Because of the tyranny of the caste system, pariahs lived in separate settlements and were used by cooperative landowners mainly in land cultivation. They were often reduced to the level of serfs and slaves. Pariahs and other low castes in the Republic of India are struggling for social and legal equality and fair land distribution. In European languages “pariah” has come to mean an outcast.

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Instead of making sure the pariah got a fair trial, however, they sacrificed Grynszpan with silence.
Unlike social parvenus, conscious pariahs, to whom Arendt devotes the "Bernard Lazare" section of "The Jew as Pariah: A Hidden Tradition," are rebels who, being aware of their marginalized and ostracized status, become champions of the oppressed.
Yet I do not challenge the Likudniks to a debate, because the maximum I can do against them is boycott them, as I refuse to sit with these modern-day pariahs.
Two years later, Rees used the first act of the semi-autographical script as the basis for her NYU graduate thesis film, also titled "Pariah." It went on to screen at 40 festivals worldwide, including Sundance, winning 25 shorts awards.
Pariah: A Hidden Tradition" and "Franz Kafka, Appreciated
Activating the Pariah (6) My feet float in solemn glory And I, I am Dancing too.
From a pariah industry only several years ago, today the steel and metal commodity business has been one of the most dynamic in the mergers and acquisitions markets.
John Minor, president of Jardine Lloyd Thompson's JLT Emerging Markets, said Bolivia's move is "a storm that's been brewing for a while." But while Bolivia is "fast becoming a pariah of insurance markets," trade credit insurers shouldn't be hit too hard by the government's move, he said.
Shunned by the women and children at the public baths, where she scrubs herself into a bloody mess, she becomes a pariah.
And Tidewater Community College and the city joined hands with the local pariah to build a cutting edge Advanced Technology Center.