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[children of God], in India, individuals who are at the bottom of or outside the Hindu caste system. They were traditionally sweepers, washers of clothes, leatherworkers, and those whose occupation it was to kill animals.
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  1. in India, a member of a low CASTE (see HINDUISM) or ‘untouchable’group, thus subject to ritual and social exclusion.
  2. by analogy, any social outcast, or stigmatized individual or group.



a member of an untouchable caste in southern India, rather numerous in the state of Tamil Nadu. In the past it was virtually forbidden for pariahs to have social relations with members of higher castes. Because of the tyranny of the caste system, pariahs lived in separate settlements and were used by cooperative landowners mainly in land cultivation. They were often reduced to the level of serfs and slaves. Pariahs and other low castes in the Republic of India are struggling for social and legal equality and fair land distribution. In European languages “pariah” has come to mean an outcast.

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university campuses, where many organizations, including Muslim student groups and others, call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, and also for delegitimizing Israel - already an illegitimate pariah.
possibilities of the "self-conscious" or rebellious pariah but
Further on in the paper I explore elements from my work, Heisting beauty (2007), to introduce a comparativeness between my work and Cohen's so as to indicate why the use of the term pariah (5)--associated with the marginalised and of rejection--is useful as an enabling term when reading both my work and Cohen's.
The Court has recognized that when the government treats a group of citizens as pariahs, it imposes two unacceptable harms.
Widows such as Kathy Trant became national pariahs for going on spending sprees with their windfalls while others refused to take a penny because it was given on condition that they didn't sue the airlines or the World Trade Center.
Long regarded as the pariahs of the drinking world, it now turns out they may actually be on to a good thing.
Gay men with HIV are no longer sexual pariahs, and some of the treatments (testosterone replacement therapy among them) have even made some HIVers beefier than their seronegative peers.
Not as the pariahs of society but like, 'There, but for the grace of God, go we.
Seventeen Liberal MPs defied him; as many of them have voted against earlier Chretien measures, they are now pariahs in their party.
It can treat the military rulers of Haiti as the outlaws and pariahs they are.
The NUT demonstrates why trade unions are pariahs politically.
Once again, England fans who were once pariahs at international tournaments left for home with praise for their behaviour from Frankfurt to Gelsenkirchen ringing in their ears.