paris blue

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prussian blue

1. A class of deep blue pigments of ferric-ferrocyanides; tends to fade in light tints; reactive with alkalies; ferrocyanide blue.
2. Any color produced with Prussian blue, e.g., Chinese blue.
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PARIS BLUES Koh referred to one email exchange which occurred after a Google recruiter solicited an Apple employee.
Paris Blues clearly portrays the philosophical tension between art and commerce.
To celebrate the centenary of the birth of playwright Tennessee Williams, Kino mania will screen A Streetcar Named Desire, and for the 110th anniversary of Louis Armstrong's birth, the festival will screen the musical masterpiece that is Paris Blues.
He appeared with his wife JoanneWoodward in The Long Hot Summer (1958), Rally Round The Flag Boys (1958), From The Terrace (1960), Paris Blues (1961), A New Kind of Love (1963), Winning (1969), WUSA (1970).
Her film work includes Claudine, Carmen Jones, Paris Blues, Porgy & Bess, Hurry Sundown, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and Eve's Bayou.
Paris Blues (1961), Carolina Shout (1974), and Out Chorus (1979) are just a few of his artworks.
Lead alto John Kelson effectively evoked the competing tradition of Duke Ellington with his Johnny Hedges-like glides in Billy Strayhorn's "Paris Blues." And give the band's youthful baritone vocalist Chris Murrell points for facing down two formidable ghosts who used to sing with Basic--Joe Williams in "Everyday" and Frank Sinatra in the great original Neal Hefti chart of "Please Be Kind."