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1. a subdivision of a diocese, having its own church and a clergyman
2. the churchgoers of such a subdivision
3. (in England and, formerly, Wales) the smallest unit of local government in rural areas
4. (in Louisiana) a unit of local government corresponding to a county in other states of the US
5. the people living in a parish
6. on the parish History receiving parochial relief



the smallest administrative district in the Christian church, the center of which is a church.

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The goal should be to deliver timely, relevant and customized information, thereby enhancing parishioner satisfaction.
The closure "drove some people away," according to parishioner Joseph Feckanin.
Although it is hard to fault Duffy's painstaking research of what he has coined "traditional religion," Katherine French quite astutely has issued a note of caution, arguing persuasively that he "unduly minimizes conflict in late medieval religion," preferring instead to focus on parishioner agency rather than coercion by the church.
Polluting the Sacred: Violence, Faith, and the "Civilizing" of Parishioners in Late Medieval England.
The parishioner said: "I remember aladyattending churchnot long after losing her husband.
Sunday Mass was a bit colder than usual for parishioners of St.
A PRIEST has launched an attack on his parishioners after leaving his church.
One parishioner said: ``Some people will really miss him - he was particularly good with children.
threatened a parishioner with denial of communion for displaying Democratic bumper stickers on her car.
We're very pleased," said Barbara Fortier, the parish council president of the former Our Lady of Good Counsel and a parishioner there for 26 years.