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1. a subdivision of a diocese, having its own church and a clergyman
2. the churchgoers of such a subdivision
3. (in England and, formerly, Wales) the smallest unit of local government in rural areas
4. (in Louisiana) a unit of local government corresponding to a county in other states of the US
5. the people living in a parish
6. on the parish History receiving parochial relief



the smallest administrative district in the Christian church, the center of which is a church.

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Collections hovered around $4,500 a week before the merger, according to parishioner Greg Freidl.
Lay-clerical relations on the eve of the Reformation do not fit neatly into the category either of pro-clerical or anti-clerical, or even pro-ecclesiastical or anti-ecclesiastical (that is, if a parishioner did not respect the clergy, did he at least respect the church?
Thiery's book on late medieval English parishioners assigns religion its rightful place in the "civilizing process.
PARISHIONERS said theyhad grown increasinglyconcerned about RevRooke's sermons.
Sunday Mass was a bit colder than usual for parishioners of St.
A PRIEST has launched an attack on his parishioners after leaving his church.
Parishioners spoke of their shock after the Archdeacons of St Asaph and Wrexham, Rev Bernard Thomas and Rev Malcolm Squires, read out a statement at the 8am, 11 am and 6pm services at St Mary's on Sunday.
Chicago: Cardinal Francis George advised his parishioners that "abortion is a defining issue" both morally and politically.
The goal should be to deliver timely, relevant and customized information, thereby enhancing parishioner satisfaction.
We have to think positively," said Frank Statkus, a parishioner from Shrewsbury who sits on the Friends committee.