parity checking

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parity checking

An error detection technique that tests the integrity of digital data in the computer. Parity checking adds an extra parity cell to each 8-bit byte of memory, thus creating a nine-bit structure.

In an "even parity" system, a 0 is stored in the parity bit if there is an even number of bits in the byte; if an odd number, a 1 is stored to make the total number of bits even. In "odd parity" systems, the opposite occurs; a 0 parity bit if odd, a 1 parity bit if even to make the total number odd.

Only Good for One-Bit Errors
Each time a byte is transferred, the parity bit is checked. One-bit parity systems will detect if one of the eight bits in the byte has been erroneously switched from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1. However, it cannot detect a two-bit error, because if two bits in the byte are reversed, the even or odd number remains the same. Error-correcting code (ECC) is a more robust memory checking system (see ECC memory).

Plenty of "NO" Parity Around
There are 12% more memory cells in 9-bit parity chips than there are in 8-bit memory. To shave costs, many computers are built with non-parity memory, and it is truly a miracle that the billions of non-parity computers work as well as they do. See RAID, ECC memory and soft error.
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The newly updated S2A9550 is the only storage array on the market that detects and corrects 'silent data corruption' inherent in SATA drives by performing on-the-fly real-time parity checking on all read I/Os without incurring any performance penalty.
The S2A9550 incorporates enterprise-class data protection like on-the-fly parity checking of all read I/Os, and hardware RAID 6.
The Company's New B32865, B32868, B32869 DDR2-800 Configurable Registered Buffers with Parity Checking Fully Support the Next Generation AMD Platform
3590E tape drive technology includes advanced Error Correction Code (ECC), servo track mechanisms, resident diagnostics, redundant parity checking, and read-after-write verification for extremely high reliability.
With hardware RAID 6 and parity checking of all read I/Os, the S2A9550 allows large capacity applications to implement a reliable online or nearline active archive that can scale up to 720 TB in a two rack solution -- up to 5 times more dense and scaleable than other comparable disk based storage systems.