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The logarithm (to base 10) of the reciprocal of the equilibrium constant for a specified reaction under specified conditions.




The country code for Pakistan.
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The Olympic-recognised FIG's ambition for parkour running, jumping and climbing on street furniture and architecture is described as a hostile takeover by the Parkour Earth group of national organisers.
With much popularity and need for more Parkour classes, birthday parties and rentals, the district will begin expanding and improving 12,000 square feet.
"The inclusion of parkour in FIG will have a positive impact on its development.
Parkour is a discipline which involves going through a complex environment in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
Parkour -- or freerunning as it's known in English -- is usually a human only activity, and involves jumping from large heights and performing tricks in the street.
El objetivo es comprender la relacion que establecen los practicantes de parkour con el espacio publico de Cali, porque problematizan la idea de que, en las construcciones arquitectonicas al estar preestablecidas funcionalmente, la vida cotidiana solo tiene lugar a partir del conjunto de normas y ordenaciones de comportamiento implicitas a la vida publica en la que las personas coexisten.
|Indoor trampoline park & Parkour arena An indoor trampoline park, children's soft play areas, a ninja warrior course and a Parkour arena are planned.
Visitors to the safari park will also be treated to a special superhero display from Access Parkour, an Edinburghbased parkour performance and coaching organisation, who will be leaping, vaulting and jumping around the safari park.
The 23-year-old took up parkour - an urban sport using the body's strength to jump, climb and swing from structures - when he was just 16.
A Taiwanese parkour coach, surnamed Han, posted a video via social media two days ago of him training at a heritage site, the Longteng Bridge pier remains in Western Taiwan, now his "pas cool" (not cool) video may potentially lead to criminal charges, according to the Tourism Bureau.
Muscat: Meet Ahmed Al Yahyai, who is one of Oman's youngest parkour athletes at just 16 years old.

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