parliamentary law

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parliamentary law,

rules under which deliberative bodies conduct their proceedings. In English-speaking countries these are based on the practice of the British Parliament, chiefly in the House of Commons. British parliamentary law is conventional, rather than statutory, including traditions and precedents as well as the Standing Orders of the House. Thomas Jefferson, when presiding over the U.S. Senate, prepared a manual of parliamentary law based on the practice of the House of Commons, and this practice has generally been followed in the House of Representatives as well. Robert's Rules of Order, first compiled by Henry Martyn RobertRobert, Henry Martyn,
1837–1923, American military engineer, b. Robertville, S.C., grad. West Point, 1857. He is best known as the author of a book on parliamentary law, Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies
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 in 1876 and drawn from the usages of all three bodies, is the usually accepted authority on parliamentary law in the United States. Parliamentary law includes the rules necessary for the efficient and equitable conduct of business by an assembly. In Britain the effective interpreter of parliamentary law is the speaker of the House of Commons; in the United States the role is shared by the speaker of the House and the president of the Senate, who are partisan figures, unlike their British counterpart.


See H. A. Bosmajian, ed., Readings in Parliamentary Procedure (1968); H. E. Hellman, Parliamentary Procedure (1968).

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In all, The Beginnings of English Law should prove a welcome addition to the bookshelves and a worthwhile read for students and scholars of English political and social history who can find interesting intersections with such varied topics as the development of parliamentary law, the status and value of women, and the imagery of the body as a means of mnemonic, which may have echoes in later political discourse.
The members of Switzerland's governing seven-seat Federal Council are elected by the entire Federal Assembly in the session following their own election by the people every four years, according to Article 132 of the parliamentary law, and anchored in Article 164 of the Constitution.
AS the paraphrase of 17thcentury parliamentary law statutes famously reminds us: An Englishman's home is his castle.
In the absence of a provision in the bylaws, parliamentary law fixes a quorum at a majority of the members--a level that can be unrealistically high, particularly in a period of declining meeting attendance.
Under parliamentary law, the House has given Wahid three months to respond to the accusations.
Helen Cleveland, president of the Antelope Valley Parliamentary Law Club, and Helga Collins, president of the Rosamond Woman's Club, were present, as were some of the chairmen in the Sierra Cahuenga District, of which Quartz Hill Woman's Club member Alta Crusan is president.
Parliamentary law only requires the signatures of 20 lower house members, he said.
Madison decision, England was recognizing the supremacy of Parliament over the judiciary and, thus, the inability of a court to declare parliamentary law illegal.
37) This is often called "The Lawyers' Masque," and it is recognized as a spectacle in which the lawyers were trying to edge Charles I toward a return to a regime of parliamentary law and justice.
Paul Mason worked diligently for more than 40 years to keep legislators up to date on parliamentary law.
I think many institutions are malfunctioning, such as the security system, definitely the media, as well as real issues emerging from bad economic policies and biased laws in general, including the parliamentary law, which I maintain despite my electoral victory.
it enjoys a democratic parliamentary law that allows Christians and Muslims, no matter what sect they belong to, balanced participation running and governing the country," he said, quoting Pope Jean Paul II who described Lebanon as "a valuable civilization".

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