lacrimal gland

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lacrimal gland:

see tearstears,
watery secretion of the lacrimal gland, which is located at the outer corner of the eye socket immediately above the eyeball. Tearing, or lacrimation, is a continuous and largely involuntary process stimulated by the autonomic nervous system.
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Lacrimal Gland


a small tubuloalveolar gland secreting tears that bathe and moisten the anterior surfaces of the eyeball and conjunctiva. The lacrimal gland is lodged in a depression of the frontal bone at the outer angle of the orbit. The conjunctiva also has small accessory lacrimal glands that are portions of the lacrimal gland. The efferent ducts of the lacrimal gland open into the conjunctival sac. The gland is innervated by secretory centrifugal fibers of the facial nerve.

lacrimal gland

[′lak·rə·məl ‚gland]
A compound tubuloalveolar gland that secretes tears. Also known as tear gland.
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