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ancient province, Iran: see FarsFars
or Farsistan
, province (1991 pop. 3,543,828), c.51,500 sq mi (133,400 sq km), SW Iran. Shiraz is the capital and chief city, located in an oasis occupying a valley c.6 mi (10 km) wide and 20 mi (32 km) long. The province is largely mountainous.
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The distribution and composition of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue was basically same as in the fanclus abomasi, the corpus abomasi and pars pylorica, which was concentrated in the lamina propria and had two forms, isolate lymphoid nodule and diffuse lymphoid tissue.
We found no diverticula in the antrum or in the pars pylorica of the stomach.
The pars pylorica region of the stomach had multifocal mucosal abscesses and moderate diffuse lymphoplasmacytic and heterophilic infiltrates of the lamina propria.

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