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(computer science)
A process whereby phrases in a string of characters in a computer language are associated with the component names of the grammar that generated the string.
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(1) To analyze a sentence or language statement. Parsing breaks down words into functional units that can be converted into machine language. For example, to parse the expression sum salary for title = "MANAGER" the word SUM must be identified as the primary command, FOR as a conditional search, TITLE as a field name and MANAGER as the data to be searched.

Parsing breaks down a natural language request, such as "What's the total of all the managers' salaries" into the commands required by a high-level language, such as in the example above. See name parsing.

(2) To convert from one format to another. The term is often used as a substitute for the word "convert" when continuous strings of text are scanned to find embedded format codes that must be changed. In contrast, when data are moved or copied from one relational database to another, that is generally known as database "conversion," because the field locations in a database record are easily identified and generally do not have to be searched (scanned) to be found.
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As part of a single semantic parsing process, this model transfers data from one language to the other, thus leveraging English data to reduce the amount needed for German.
With its API-based services, private-label email parsing and data normalization solutions, Traxo provides its clients with the most robust suite of travel data aggregation services on the market.
The paper first gives an overview of Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG), LFG Architecture, parsing and Arabic language in section 2.
Parsing is not merely 'taking apart', but also selecting particular unit-parts and accounting as to: the kind of entity that each part is, and the relationships among the parts to each other and to the whole.
In his heart disease research, he found that looking at a combination of a patient's history, parsing the words used by the patient to describe symptoms and an angiogram are better than doctors are at predicting heart attacks in women.
For example: abstract HMMs (Bui, Venkatesh, and West 2002), graph covering algorithms (Kautz and Allen 1986), and even parsing (Vilain 1991, Geib 2009) have all been successfully used to do plan recognition.
Co-owner and senior partner of Real Estate Web Solutions George Toumbalakis said, "Within seconds of a buyer's request for contact, information is pushed to our system from Zillow, streamlining data delivery and circumventing problematic email and parsing techniques.
Parsing algorithm of Use Case model is presented in Fig.
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After parsing CSS stylesheet user gets a collection of selectors and relative declarations.
In testing the citation parsing tools available on the web, we discovered that the quality of data extraction varied.
From using the automatically generated parse trees to parsing files with more than one language, this packs in code examples and applications from validating program symbols to recognizing ambiguous phrases.