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As soon as she could pick herself up out of the dirt, she ran off as fast as she could to her master the parson, and said, 'Sir, sir, the cow is talking!' But the parson said, 'Woman, thou art surely mad!' However, he went with her into the cow-house, to try and see what was the matter.
'Don't bring me any more hay!' Then the parson himself was frightened; and thinking the cow was surely bewitched, told his man to kill her on the spot.
And where do we raise our smoke, now, parson, if I may make so bold; I mean, where do we d'Urbervilles live?"
You've had enough already." Concluding thus the parson rode on his way, with doubts as to his discretion in retailing this curious bit of lore.
Curly Parsons bowed his head on the bar with a gesture of despair.
There is all the strong courage in these lines of the courtier- parson. They make us remember that before he put on his priest's robe he wore a sword.
"Why, what can you be going to send him to a parson for?" he said, with an amazed twinkling in his eyes, looking at Mr.
do you think the parson'll teach him to know a good sample o' wheat when he sees it, neighbor Tulliver?" said Mr.
"Why, because the parsons are the best schoolmasters, by what I can make out," said poor Mr.
"He'll know as soon as ever he claps eyes on us," Parsons replied.
'What's all this?' inquired Constable Parsons. Paul looked up.
Forty-three-year-old Sean Parson, of Spokane, Washington, was in a downward spiral of heartbreak and vengeance when he made the fatal mistake to go after his ex-girlfriend, Christina Lewis.