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a. an actor's role in a play
b. the speech and actions which make up such a role
c. a written copy of these
2. Anatomy any portion of a larger structure
3. a component that can be replaced in a machine, engine, etc.
4. Music
a. one of a number of separate melodic lines making up the texture of music
b. one of such melodic lines, which is assigned to one or more instrumentalists or singers
c. such a line performed from a separately written or printed copy
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in music:

(1) A component of an orchestral, musical-dramatic, or ensemble work intended for performance by a particular voice or musical instrument. In opera, there are two ways of designating solo vocal parts: by the type of voice (for example, soprano part, bass part) and by the name of the hero of the opera (for example, the part of German in Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades).

(2) A section of the exposition (and recapitulation) in the sonata form.

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An element of a subassembly, not normally useful by itself and not amenable to further disassembly for maintenance purposes.
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1. A dividing wall within a building; may be bearing or non-load-bearing.
2. In sound-transmission considerations, any building component (or a combination of components), such as a wall, door, window, roof, or floor-ceiling assembly, that separates one space from another.
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That was followed by Northamptonshire (17 women working part-time for every man) and working part-time for every man).
a) To explore the impact of part-time employment on the academic performance of the Secondary School Students.
a) To work for the original employer (first part-time employer) less than eight hours per day, or less than 48 hours per week, provided that the working hours shall not be less than 20 hours per week.
The ministry has said that part-time employment does not require the approval of his/her educational institution.
Here in Wales even with a more supportive fee regime and significant political commitment to part-time study across all parties, we have also seen a decline in part-time student numbers in the past five years.
The responses to these questions are used to classify part-time workers as either part time for economic reasons (involuntary) or part time for noneconomic reasons (voluntary).
Part-time tellers processed transactions 83% of the time they were at work, compared to 72% for full-time tellers.
Part-time workers who do not want full-time work report the lowest levels of insecurity of all major employment groups, reflecting the typically enhanced socio-economic status of these households.
By contrast, Colne Valley is fifth best-performing constituency with 35.5% of women working part-time receiving less than the Living Wage.
According to Eurostat, in Cyprus, the percentage of people working part-time in 2014 was 14% and the underemployed 9.3%.
The company I used to work for would have offered me part-time work, but I realised that with the shorter hours I would have become marginalised and career progression would be on hold until I returned to full-time work.
plans to eliminate health insurance coverage for some of its part-time U.S.