partial payment

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progress payment

A partial payment made during progress of the work, 1 on account of work completed and/or materials suitably stored.
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I came to know about the partial payment option by one of my friends and thus made a partial payment of Dh75,000 on May 3.
Product based partial payment options under Price tab.
The investors argued that a boilerplate equal-treatment clause in the bonds required payment in full if partial payments had been made to other bondholders.
In September 2008, Thompson requested a partial payment installment agreement that would encompass all of his tax liabilities and penalties for the CDP and non-CDP periods.
Pakistan-based Indus Motor Company is launching a partial payment scheme for all of its Toyota vehicles.
Under the proposed rule, contracting officers would be permitted to hold back partial payment on several types of contracts: cost reimbursement, time-and-materials and labor-hour.
But Vogel only received partial payment for the work, according to its lawsuit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court.
Mills indicated that, under recently enacted legislation, the IRS is now authorized to enter into installment agreements with taxpayers for only partial payment of the taxpayer's liability.
When he surrenders, he is expected to bring $80,000 - $57,000 of which will go to Magic to help cover its losses and $23,000 to the state as partial payment of a $62,167 bill for unpaid taxes, plus penalties.
The Government has offered Cogentrix of San Pedro de Macoris a partial payment plan that includes a payment of US$24 million within three months as a step towards renegotiating the existing contract, reports DR1 Daily News (Feb.

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