partial payment

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progress payment

A partial payment made during progress of the work, 1 on account of work completed and/or materials suitably stored.
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Moreover, the bank "incorrectly told borrowers that paying less than the full amount due in a billing cycle would not satisfy any obligation on the account [when] a partial payment may satisfy at least one payment in an account" and certain borrowers were charged late fees even though their payments were on time, according to the CFPB.
The farmers could earn the difference between the partial payment and the final purchase price after paying the storage fees, he added.
Also, I was given no copy of partial payment procedures or options while signing the agreement.
Comment: Stake received as partial payment for Tornet Landskrona
Admin can set the partial payment periods for users.
She also used $44,000 as a partial payment for a Porsche, federal prosecutors alleged in the indictment.
Creditors would always hold out, knowing that if a debtor made partial payment to one, full repayment to all others would follow.
The NRAI's intervention had quelled the troublesome situation, with SAI assuring the coaches that this amount was just a partial payment and the rest of it will be given to them soon.
Pesco held several meeting with elders of the areas due to which it was decided that partial payment will be made but no payment was made according to accord.
Policies now offer more flexible protection and encompass a wide range of illnesses which will provide a partial payment if the diagnosis is less severe.
The Tax Court upheld the IRS's determination that a taxpayer's tithing payments to his church were conditional expenses for purposes of determining the amount of the taxpayer's monthly payments under a partial payment installment agreement.

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