Particular Solution

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particular solution

[pər¦tik·yə·lər sə′lü·shən]
A solution to an ordinary differential equation obtained by assigning numerical values to the parameters in the general solution. Also known as particular integral.

Particular Solution


A particular solution of a differential equation F (x, y, y′, . . ., y(n)) = 0 is a solution y = Φ(x) obtained from the general solution y = Φ(x, C1, . . ., Cn) of the equation for some specific choice of the arbitrary constants C1, . . ., Cn. For example, the general solution of the equation y + y = 0 is yC1 cos x + C2 sin x; if we set C1 = 2 and C2 = –1, we obtain the particular solution y = 2 cos x – sin x.

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On the other hand, the question of the stability of particular solutions of the Einstein equations in the wake of the groundbreaking proof of the stability of the Minkowski space-time due to D.
While there may be some getting used to the process of using these particular solutions or even some functionality shortcomings, it seems likes physicians are moving forward with the solutions they have on hand.
Therefore the obtained particular solutions for the bimorph converter were compared with the literature-derived solution.
The intent is to look at problems and alternatives, not to advocate particular solutions.
As a theological ideal, Christianity may be regarded as an absolute; but, as a human endeavor, it demands particular solutions to these various conflicts.
Cirnu, Determination of particular solutions of non-homogeneous linear differential equations by discrete deconvolution, UPB Scientific Bulletin, A, 69 (2007) 2, 3-16
As agreed between the parties, Accelerance will act as Oxagile representative in the USA matching the clients' demands for particular solutions with Oxagile programming talent and business expertise, putting special emphasis on such areas as VOD and IP video technology, system integration services, SaaS development and business software solutions.
With common agreement, effective and particular solutions can be found upon which we can all agree on," Christofias said.
0] are some particular solutions of (2) and T is arbitrary element of the ring [R.
Unlike many NGOs, we have a broad perspective that must go beyond the interests of narrow, particular solutions.
Overall, the deliberations revealed three key findings: (1) the words "achievement gap" hold almost no meaning for the people with the most at stake: the students, parents, and other residents of communities where the achievement gap is most pronounced; (2) while educational experts see the achievement gap as a national problem, citizens see it as a local problem with particular solutions that reflect specific local factors; and (3) forum participants across the nation felt that responsibility for helping minority and low-income students succeed rested not just with educators and schools--the traditional focus of action on education matters--but also with parents and other adults, with local institutions other than schools, and with broad community involvement and individual commitment.
The capability to deliver these particular solutions and implement them quickly was an overwhelmingly positive factor in our success.