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This 31-year-old partier is HIV-positive, as were eight other interviewees.
A partier also has the highest risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections other than HIV in every sexual encounter especially if he does not know the health status of his partner.
A recent contributor described those who consider themselves to be Tea Partiers as racist.
The security rushed in immediately and the partier was pushed to the ground, while Bieber unleased a fury of kicks.
Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), the bodies were still warm on the ground when a veritable tsunami of media commentary pointed an accusing finger at the Tea Partiers and conservatives in general.
The Perv (Touchy feelius): A bold subspecies of the Partier, the Perv can be found in close proximity to the Booth Babe.
On Myspace, she lists her occupation as 'partier' and, asked about her music tastes, she says she likes 'anything I can dance to'.
"I'll put it like this - he was a partier. I don't think he would have intentionally done it [killed himself].
HEAVY GOING Passed-out partier is carried in Dublin on Wednesday night
Senate get its first Jewish Tea Partier? Yes, if Adam Hasner, of Florida, has his way.
The tea partiers are thus likely to be victims of their own success: When everyone's a tea partier, then no one's a tea partier.
She's just too much of a partier. He tried to get her to tone it down and even talked to her friends about reining her in.