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1. A dividing wall within a building; may be bearing or non-load-bearing.
2. In sound-transmission considerations, any building component (or a combination of components), such as a wall, door, window, roof, or floor-ceiling assembly, that separates one space from another.
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AFRAA brings together 45 African airlines, as well as about 100 industrial partn ers, including aeronautics constructors and engine builders, high-tech consultan t s and contractors, as well as representatives of big IT systems.
d a ing oveir nerstle As part of a unique partn ship between NHS Newcas and North Tyneside Commun Health and Macmillan Can Support, people who have h cancer or are still receiving tre ment are invited to learn ab the late side effects of treatme exercise, and support on em tional and physical recovery.
Birmingham Cultural Partn rship chairman Coun Martin Mullaney, who was leading the delegation, said he expected the judging panel to be impressed.
ed ayby Laulala missed the Blues Welsh derb with the Dragons at Rodney Parade o Friday night, but is expected to partn Roberts against Wasps in the mouthwate ing Amlin Cup semi-finals next weekend.
AURORA HOUSING LIMITED PARTN Tenant Infill for Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association $119,000
He's a top class player and it is hopefully a nice little partn ership starting.
Nevertheless, unexpected tax problems could arise in a partn ership holding significant amounts of "hot assets," that is, substantially appreciated inventory and unrealized receivables.
As for Quebec, it is only since the Quiet Revolution that mixed marriages have come to be defined in terms of ethnic or linguistic, rather than religious, differences between the partn ers.
This not only brought our people closer to our clients, it brought them closer to our partners and associate partn ers and gave them a "home" within our organization.